AP Para-planning has the experience to produce a professional, compliant Statement of Advice for your clients

About Us

The principal Para-planner has almost 40 years' experience in the financial services industry both in Australia and the UK - the past 15 years have been in the Financial Planning arena in Australia including 10 years as a fully qualified Financial Planner followed by 4 years as a Practice Compliance Manager and new Adviser and Para-planner Trainer and more recently as a Contract Para-planner, providing quality Statements of Advice for both independent and institution-based Financial Planners. 


We create effective Statements of Advice for your clients covering areas such as:

  • Wealth Creation & Retirement Planning
  • Retirement Income Streams
  • Superannuation, Rollovers, SMSF
  • Centrelink Analysis
  • Gearing
  • Personal Risk

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Our Commitment

To prepare and deliver high quality, tailored and compliant Statements of Advice, in a timely manner.

To protect your client's confidentiality.

To establish, build and nurture strong business relationships with quality advice providers.


"Alex is a pleasure to deal with and quickly turns around high quality SoAs. She is professional, consultative, has a good attention to detail and a high level of technical knowledge." -- Melinda Bates, SFG Australia Limited.

 “We recently changed Dealer groups and one of the requirements was to re-issue a statement of advice (SoA) for every client.  Obviously we weren’t staffed for this workload and this is where having the option of outsourcing to Alex at AP Paraplanning came in real handy.  We now had an 'on-tap' solution for when we were busy to help with SoA production.  If you then add to that the fact that she has been on 'our side of the fence' as a financial planner, it was a great solution.  We now had the confidence that she was not merely driving software but was a second set of eyes regarding structure, modelling and strategy.”  Guy Wall - PRIMEWEALTH.